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Started completing the right hand side of the front suspension. Since we still don't have the lower wishbone we've ordered two months age, we decided to use the original one. As soon as the new one comes in, we'll replace it. This way we can put the suspension back on the car so we can move it around. Although the old one was too rusted to be reused, it was cleaned and sprayed together with the other parts. At least it doesn't look to ugly...

While building up the suspension, we came upon another small problem: the bushings to connect the upright with the upper wishbone was too wide to fit in the hole. After examining the left side, we found out the left upright has a larger hole in it than the right one. Since the car has had a smal accedent at the right front before we bought it, it was possible that the right upright was replaced by a newer (volvo 544) during the repair. But when we checked this, it should be the other way around: the 544 upright has a larger bore than the 444.

The only explanation we could find for this is that the latest versions of the volvo 444 already have been equiped with the new 544 uprights. An older 444 upright will problably have been installed during the repair of the accident.

Accidently, we still had a spare upright from a pv 544 in rather good condition. This will be cleaned and if necessary resprayed as soon as possible. For now, we used the smaller, original bush to complete the suspension. As soon as the wishbone comes in, we'll replace both of them at the same time.