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Volvo 444 Project - January 2004



Cleaned and sprayed the steering arms and the brakes.

The front disk brakes are from a Volvo 122 Amazon and will replace the original drum brakes. This conversion is rather straithforward, exept maybe for the shocks hitting the calipers. We'll see how we will solve this when we install them on the spindle.



Finally found a lower wishbone for the right front. We'll clean it as soon as possible so the front suspension can be completed and installed at last.


Called Klint to see how they progressed with the engine. Apparently, some bolts to fit the flywheel where missing. We'll bring them the correct bolts as soon as possible, so they can go on with the engine.


Found the bolts for the flywheel and brought them to Klint. When we arrived they discovered that they also didn't have the bolts to fit the pressure plate, se we went to a store nearby to buy the bolts. Hopefully, they now have everything to complete it.


We're looking for an intake manifold to fit twin DCOE 40 Weber carburators to the B20 engine. As the engine will be ready a long time before the rest of the car, we're thinking about using it temporarly in the volvo 140. This way we can test and tune the engine before it is intalled in the pv.