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Volvo 444 Project - March 2004



Ordered some parts from KG trimning in sweden we need to complete the engine.


The parts we ordered have arrived. Pictures can be found in the March 2004 pictures section.

Intake manifold to fit twin DCOE 40 Weber Carbs

Stage 2 exhaust manifold (4 into 2 into 1)

Reïnforced engine mounts

Water pump

Oil pump

All parts are looking good, except maybe for the oil pump. While the original is always in aluminium (as far as I know), this one is in cast iron. It weights a lot more and looks almost like it's from a truck instead of a car... We'll see later whether we'll use it or not.

Immediatly took the parts to Klint, so he can proceed with the engine. Roughtly estimated, it should be ready in about three weeks.