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Volvo 444 Project - September 2005


The upright we ordered from Booi has arrived. As it was't in good shape (we were told this when we bought it), we changed the bearings and cleaned it up. Now ready to be painted.


Completed the front suspension today. Upright was painted and ready to be fitted (Well, after changing the spindle one more time anyway… With 3 different types, left and ride side, and a spindle that can be fitted upside down you really have to pay attention not to make any mistakes...). Installation wasn't to difficult hard after that, and about an hour later the brake disk and wheel were in place.


In order to build the new tunnel, we fitted an old B18 engine. This way we can install the gearbox a bit more precisely and start building a tunnel around it. But as the original engine was a B14, the mountings didn't fit at all. Apparently there are quite a few different types op mountings, as we couldn't find any that fit nicely. In the end we ordered 2 new ones from Booi.


Received the mounting rubbers instead of the mountings… Called Booi, mountings will be sent as soon as possible.


Collected the engine from Klint today. They couldn't find any damage to the engine, so they just replaced the piston rings. As they have had some problems while ordering them, we hope this was what caused the compression loss.

They also found a small problem with the camshaft. A washer wasn't installed and because of this the camshaft could move back and forward. Apparantly, when we collected the engine in december, there was a small note sticked to it saying we still had to add this washer. Not sure the note fell of somewhere or we forgot about it afterwards, but the washer was never installed. Anyway, the camshaft was replaced, free of charge, by klint and the engine was assembled again.