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Volvo 444 Project - October 2005


Found another M47 gearbox today. According to the owner, it is one with an output for a mechanical speedometer. Only the first M47 gearboxes had this, volvo changed to electronical speedometer on the differential shortly after, and as this will make things a lot easier we decided to buy it.


Cleaned up the volvo 240 rear axle today. Current plans are to modify the axle instead of the chassis. If we weld some brackets to the axle, identical to the 444 axle, it would be straightforward to fit. This way we have the 240 differential and brakes, but still have the original suspension. Might not be the best sollution, but it's a lot easier anyway. Maybe upgrade the suspension later if it shouldn't be up to the job? Watt link maybe??


The new M47 gearbox was delivered today. After all, it's not one of the eary types, but also one without previsions for a speedo. We decided to buy it anyway, as the other gearbox needed a rebuild before it could be fitted (my own fault, should have fitted a bell housing. Contrary to the older types of gearboxes like M40, the bell housing of a M46 or M47 keeps the Primary shaft in place. So if it's not fitted and you pull the axle or try to change gears, well...)


Engine mounts from Booi have arrived a few days ago, so we tried to testfit the engine and gearbox again. Once the engine in place, we noticed the engine mountings were not identical. Only one could be fitted to the car, the other was to large. Sent the large one back, Booi promised to look out for one.

To temporarly fit the engine to the gearbox, we used the B47 bell housing. The bolts didn't line up with the holes in the engine, but with a smaller bolt and a clamp the gearbox was kept in place.

At first sight, the hole we made for the gearbox is almost right. The new tunnel will be considerably larger than the original one, but we'll have to live with that. Also discussed the position of the gear lever. If we don't modify it, it's positioned rather far to the rear. In case we want the retain the original look, the best thing would be to install the bracket backwards. Seen this on a picture somewhere, I'll add the link if I find it again.

After installing a seat to simulate the drivers position, we decided to keep the original M47 bracket. The lever position is quite comfortable, and this way we are sure the gear change works well. And as the tunnel will be a lot larger than a normal volvo pv, having a different type of gearchange isn't that bad after all. The tunnel will have to be modified up to about the front seats now, while turning around the gear lever brackets would result in a shorter but higher tunnel.


Ordered a modified bell housing from Huke Basart today. He cuts the bell housing from a M47 and another that fits the B20 engine in two, and welds them together. This way you can easily fit a gearbox from a B21/B23 engine (inclined engine) to an upright engine. Have a look at is site if you want some more information.