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Opel Kadett Gsi
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Pictures - September 1999

When the inside of the car was cleaned, we started with the outside. The paint work looked awful at first, but after a few days of  polishing, the color slowly returned. Once the rubber strips were also cleaned (or sprayed), the car almost looked like new (if you don't look too close).

Technically, nothing of the car has been changed yet. All we have to do to prepare the car to go to the track is changing the oil (the car has not been driven for a few months), fitting new spark plugs and a new air filter and replacing the braking fluid.

When these things were done, a few days before going to the track, we could test-drive it for the first time. Since the car has not been used for a long time we didn't really pushed it to its limits, but I was amazed by its performance (It was the first time I drove a GSi). Although the engine was running great, we noticed a small failure: when accelerating, the engine sometimes stalled for a very short moment. The next day we tried changing the fuel pump, but this didn't solve the problem. Since the car had to be ready in a few days and the problem didn't seemed to be that serious we decided to leave it like it is, hoping we would't have too much problems with it at the track.