To Rent from a private family :

How to contact us?

What do we have for you?

We have several options for you. It always should be a nice stay, for holiday or for work, be it for a short time or a longer time.
We are ready with friendly help, if you need an explanation, some advice, a touristic suggestion, or a practical solution : just ask us!
Most of the time, we have available :

  1. A house with a garden :

    View of the front of the house

  2. An ecological wooden house :

    View of the front of the house

  3. An apartment, 2 floors! with much light, and ready for use :

    Part of the living-room

  4. A three-room apartment unit in our house:

    A look into one room of the unit

  5. Eight student's rooms (students only, e.g. for your Erasmus internship):

    A look into one of our rooms

  6. An atelier where you can work and be happy (on a yearly base):

    A look down in the atelier

Why stay in Gent?

First of all, Gent (Ghent, Gand, Gante, ... ) has a lot to offer. Many of our guests tell us that they prefer walking through our sympathetic city, above the other perhaps more famous cities in Flanders. Indeed, it has a huge pedestrian zone, in the middle of whic is situated the historical center. You walk from viewpoint to viewpoint. Even at night, as Gent has a light-plan: many buildings are lighted in a clever and romantic way.

Gent has several museums that range into the best of the country. Design? Modern Art? Paintings from the last 10 centuries? History of the city? All possible!

Gent is situated more or less in the middle of Flanders. So, culture-rich cities such as Antwerpen, Brugge, and Brussel are easily reached, all about 50 km or 30 miles away. This can be done by car - in Gent two European autoroutes cross: E40 and E17 - as well as by train. Many smaller cities are charming, although lesser known. Veurne? Ieper? Oudenaarde? Oostende? The Belgian coast?
And a foreign country is but a few hours driving away: Maastricht, Parijs, Amsterdam, Keulen. Even London, by train and via the Chunnel!

And concerning the weather in Gent : it is not better or worse than any other place in Flanders...

Last update: July 16, 2017
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