Dear Visitor,

On this page you'll find more information about the place which you are interested in to stay for a period. All information of the city where we live can you find on Blankenberge. Or maybe you want to visit Bruges, De Haan, Knokke or somewhere else on the Belgian Coast.

Our house is well situated in a calm street leading towards the centre of the city Blankenberge. The red inch nail points to the location of our house, the other links to some views of Blankenberge.

Grotere kaart weergeven

opsommingsteken 5' walk to the commercial centre
opsommingsteken 5' walk to any public transport
opsommingsteken the train takes you in 15' to Bruges, 45' to Ghent, 1h 20' to Brussels and 1h 45' to Antwerp.
opsommingsteken you can travel the whole Belgian coast by tram. In 15' you are in De Haan and 20' in Knokke
opsommingsteken 10' to the beach and the harbour
opsommingsteken 15' walk to serveral dunes
opsommingsteken 5' cycling to the hinterland "De Polders" where hundreds of small roads will lead you to small villages in the neighbourhood.


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