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Return On Buzz

Call Tracking from ReturnOnBuzz ...

is a powerful marketing optimization platform to measure and improve the success of your marketing campaigns.

ROI of marketing campaigns

By using unique phone numbers per marketing campaign you can easily calculate the ROI of marketing campaigns and find out which marketing channel is the most successful.

Affiliate marketing

Performance based marketing with detailed statistics of leads and calls.

Follow-up of leads via phone

Leads via phone are stored and analyzed to make sure this valuable information doesn't get lost.

What ReturnOnBuzz can do for you:

When you invest in advertising, it is important to know the "return" of your campaign. Which ads have success and which ones don't ? What is the ROI of my campaign?
For an online advertising campaign the ROI can be calculated by the number of times people "click" on your ad, but what about advertisements in magazines or newspapers? Not every ad is "clickable". Even more important, advertisements that mention a phone number are up to 40% more successful. A phone number gives more confidence, and for most consumers calling is still the preferred way of communication.
Thanks to ReturnOnBuzz you can now measure the success of every advertisement. ReturnOnBuzz provides a unique phone number per ad. This phone number is automatically forwarded to your fixed number. ReturnOnBuzz measures the number of calls your ad generates, where your customers are calling from and what the quality is of these "leads".
Further more, marketing agencies use ReturnOnBuzz's services to demonstrate the success of a campaign to their customers. Thanks to clear reports you will learn what the ROI is of your campaign, and how your internal organization deals with customers on the phone.

Let your phone work for you and start tracking your calls. Contact ReturnOnBuzz and discover how your phone will increase your sales!