The Road to India

We made it to INDIA 16 nov at 15:00h (Greenwich Time) we passed the border of India.
We reached our destination on 6 december at JAMSHEDPUR.
On 27 dec 04we started to make our long way back to Belgium!
On 9 feb 05 we arrived safely home!!!

On 28 feb 05 Nick arrived in Sri Lanka!!!
And on 27 mars 05 Nick arrived Home!!
Je kan nog steeds Nick's verslag meevolgen!
You still can follow Nick's adventure!

If you want to know more about our religion: www.watchtower.org

.::5/04/05::. Nick's nieuw reisverslag tot 21/03 rechtsboven
.::25/03/05::. Nick's new report til 7/03 rechtsboven
.::03/03/05::. Last photos/laatste foto's in fotogallery (or click here!)
.::11/02/05::. Conclusion/eindverslag rechtsboven


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