The Mole: The Netherlands (season 1)
Episode 9

So Deborah was the Mole. The contestants meet each other a few months later. Wilmie still has blond hair. Sandy couldn't come, because she's a nurse and she had to go to a country far away. It's a pity, because she was the first one who had to leave. Then they look at the final episode. Everybody was very surprised about the fact that Petra was the Mole.

The contestants are asked some questions:

*What did your children think when they saw you between the crocodiles?
"They found it great and immediately asked when we were going to the zoo!"
*So did you already go to the zoo?
"No I didn't have time yet."

*John, when my daughter saw you doing 'Head, shoulders, knees and toes' she said to me:"Mom, that sir can't do that." What did you think when you saw yourself on tv and knew that thousands of people were watching you?
"Well, those people must have thought I had a really great time."

*On the island, you were the only one who was doing anything. How did that feel?
"Well I wasn't all alone, I got some help of John, but... We had the tent and the coconut milk done quickly. So we only had to go fishing and I did. But I was the only one and that wasn't very funny."

*What was your biggest victory?
"My biggest victory was definitely the bungee jumping. From that moment on I was famous in Wageningen."

*What did they think of your tattoo at home?
"Well... I had prohibited my son to get one, so it was a bit weird. But he liked it."

*Do you have your driving licence yet?
"No, because I didn't win, so I have no money. Getting a driving licence is very expensive. I'd rather give my money to something else."

What did Deborah sabotage?
Episode 1
With the diving she took a word which was difficult to make a sentence with.

Episode 2
When she had to answer the questions, she wanted to answer them all wrong. But the second question she got, was a multiple choice question and she accidently chose the correct one.
She deliberately fell out of the raft. When they were nearing an envelope she fell in the water, so everyone would look at her instead of at the envelope.

Episode 3
At the island they had to do a confession too. When the others were gone, she took the fishing rods, broke them in two and threw them in the sea. She was very scared to be caught.
This is the biggest mistake of the Mole, and nobody ever noticed it: When they had to taste the different kinds of meat, Deborah said it tasted sweet and then she spat it out. Angela, the host, says:"Who on earth doesn't like a sweet taste? It was so obvious!" Robin:"Well, tastes can differ between people." Angela:"But sweet, when it has to taste either like fish or like chicken?!"

Episode 4
In the maze she was walking very slowly. Warner said she had to run faster, but she just walked a bit faster for a while. She almost made it, but got caught in the end.
When they had to take pictures of whales at sea, she only took pictures of the sea. She knew exactly the pictures that were her's: the ones with no whales on it.

Episode 5
In the hunting game, she was almost at the finish. She did hear Petra and the others yell to watch out, but she didn't see the hunter anywhere. She panicked a bit, because she was almost at the finish and that wasn't supposed to happen. But then she did see the hunter lying in the grass. She acted like she didn't see him and just ran straight ahead. She also fell, so she got caught quickly.
For the assignment where she had to have a tattoo, she had to throw the dye several times, because her refusal had to be real and it would be easier to refuse a harder challenge.

Episode 6
With the hitchhiking to Byron Bay she deliberately walked slowly. From time to time she stopped, because there was a small stone in her shoe, or something else was wrong. It was she who had left the signs of 'Byron Bay' behind, but Arnoud immediately made new ones.
She let the kayak flip, but didn't expect Wilmie would almost drown.

Episode 7
With the surfing she always fell off the board after a few seconds.

There was one hidden hint I can remember. In the ending of each episode we saw each contestant and this was the order we saw them in:

Petra - Deborah - Robin - Wilmie - Arnoud - Foke - Warner - John - Willie - Sandy

So the winner was placed first, followed by the Mole, followed by the reversed order of the eliminated contestants.