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This page was last updated on September 21st, 2004.

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Some general information about my gardening hobby:
I am living in continental Europe: Flanders (apparently the equivalent of USDA  Zone 7b or 8a, although my plants seem to find the winters much colder) and I am a plant fanatic. I'm on acid sandy soil. My main gardening interests are: rhododendrons (some hybrids of my own), camellia's, clematis, and climbing plants in general (codonopsis and bomarea's, among others).
I'm not at all a professional gardener.  A psychiatrist would probably say that I started this hobby as a withdrawal from my (at that time) stress-filled everyday professional life.

To GEA, my favorite Goddess, I express my never-ending gratitude: I thank thee from the bottom of my heart for my imposed retirement in the spring of 1999 - thereby opening a new world for me.

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