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Ronald Rousseau:


Highly cited researcher (2014) 





My ORCID number is: 0000-0002-3252-2538

This part of my homepage is related to my scientific activities (including a CV), mainly in informetrics, but also in mathematics and ecology.


Dit gedeelte van mijn homepage heeft vooral te maken heeft met mijn (voormalige) lesactiviteiten aan de KHBO,(Associatie KU Leuven), Departement IndustrileWetenschappen en Technologie; en aan de UA (IBW).

Join ISSI: the International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics


My book, written in collaboration with Leo Egghe and Raf Guns:

Becoming Metric-Wise: A bibliometric guide for researchers, is available



ISSI 2019 will take place in Rome, Italy.

The Eugene Garfield Doctoral Scholarship


The Chinese Journal of Library and Information Science becomes The Journal of Data and Information Science.

This is an English language Open Access, for the moment free for authors and free for readers, journal.

The editors, including myself, are expecting your contribution.



Some of my articles related to the h-index (Hirsch index)

My comments on altmetrics and a proposal to call it influmetrics - work with Fred Y. Ye

Timeline of bibliometrics (A more complete one can be found in Becoming Metric-wise)

Who was Alfred Lotka?  A short biography.

List of Price medal awardees

A change of name: Q-measure = gefura measure (Γ)

An outgrow index (with Hu Xiaojun);  The published article and the program can be found at:



Many of my other articles can be found (as preprints) at the server of UHasselt, or at E-LIS. You may also consult ResearchGate.

Some pictures:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5


Direct link to the list of  my publications in collaboration with Chinese colleagues.


Foto 3

Having a good time with Elias Sanz Casado

Fred and me at KHBO03

Ye Ying (Fred) and me at work in KHBO (Oostende), August 2011

Myrian and me, February 2014

Doctoraat 022

Dilruba Mahbuba (Ruba) and her doctoral jury: December 17, 2012

Profs. Colpaert, Engels, Nyssen, Delsaerdt, dr. Mahbuba and me