Ronald Rousseau:


Highly cited researcher (2014) 





Born in Antwerp (Belgium)  14 August 1949; my family

Associate Professor KHBO (Catholic School for Higher Education Bruges-Ostend)

            Department Industrial Sciences and Technology

            Address: Zeedijk 101, B-8400  Ostend,  Belgium

            (from 1978 till 2012)


            courses taught

Researcher associated to KU Leuven, ECOOM.

Researcher associated to the University of Antwerp, faculty of social sciences.

Former guest professor UA: School for Library and Information Science

       course: scientific communication and research evaluation


Doctorate mathematics (University of Leuven, KU Leuven, 1977)

Higher educational degree = 'Habilitations' (University of Leuven, KU Leuven, 1983)

Doctorate library & information science (University of Antwerp, UIA, 1992)


Prize of the Belgian Academy of Science (1979)

NATO scholarship (1981)

Fullbright/Hays scholarship (1981)

Derek J. de Solla Price award  (2001)

Honorary Professorship Zhejiang University (Hangzhou, P.R. China), 2015

Honorary Professorship Henan Normal University (Xinxiang, P.R. China), 2001

John Metcalfe visitor awardee (UNSW, Sydney, Australia), 2002

Guest professor of the Library (school) of the Chinese Academy of Science, 2003

Program Chair of the 9th International Conference on Scientometrics and Informetrics.

    Beijing, 2003

Outstanding paper award from Emerald Literati network 2007, for Diffusion factors, by Tove Frandsen, Ronald Rousseau and Ian Rowlands. Journal of Documentation, vol.62(1), 2006.

President of the ISSI: 2007 - 2015

Guest professor Kent University (2018)



    Do not hesitate to mail and ask me for a copy of one of my publications


Co-editor of the Journal of Data and Information Science (JDIS)

Member of the advisory board of Scientometrics

Member of the editorial board of Qingbao Xuebao (Journal of the China Society for Scientific and Technical Information)


Foreign member of the Chinese Association of Science of Science and S&T Policy Research (April 2007). See below.


Here you find a timeline of bibliometrics. A more  complete one can be found in "Becoming Metric-wise. A bibliometric guide for researchers"


Member of the Fulbright alumni association.


Hobby: Chinese culture, including Chinese cuisine


certificate CASSSTR03



Doctoraat 022

Dilruba Mahbuba (Ruba) and her doctoral jury: December 17, 2012

Profs. Colpaert, Engels, Nyssen, Delsaerdt, dr. Mahbuba and me