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     My articles related to the h-index and h-type indices

 I have removed most items from this list as, in my opinion, the h-index and the h-type indices have become standard tools in the field.


Jing-chun Chai, Ping-huan Hua, Ronald Rousseau and Jin-kun Wan.  The adapted pure h-index. Proceedings of WIS 2008, Berlin. Fourth International Conference on Webometrics, Informetrics and Scientometrics & Ninth COLLNET Meeting (H. Kretschmer & F. Havemann, eds.).  Open Access.

L. Egghe, R. Rousseau and S. Rousseau. TOP-curves. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 58(6), 777-785, 2007.

    The TOP consists of the h-core. The article itself is related to Lorenz curves and poverty lines.

Bihui Jin, Liming Liang, Ronald Rousseau & Leo Egghe. The R- and AR-indices: complementing the h-index. Chinese Science Bulletin , 52(6), 855-863, 2007.

    Introduces the R-index an improvement on the A-index, the g-index and the h-index

Yuxian Liu and R. Rousseau. Hirsch-type  indices and library management: the case of Tongji University Library . In Proceedings of ISSI 2007 (Torres-Salinas & Moed, eds). Madrid: CINDOC-CSIC, pp. 514-522.

    Applies the h- and the g-index to library loan data. Shows that Kosmulski's H2-index is not powerful enough.

Yuxian Liu and Ronald Rousseau. Definitions of time series in citation analysis with special attention to the h-index . Journal of Informetrics, 2(3), 2008, 202-210.

    Draws attention to the fact that there are many types of h-index time series and proposes a notation to distinguish between them. The approach used here can, however, be applied to any type of time dependent citation analysis.

R. Rousseau. Simple models and the corresponding h- and g-index. E-LIS: ID code: 6153

    Studies some simple models and proposes a real-valued h-index. Only available in the E-LIS preprint archive.

R. Rousseau. Ci-speed: a Hirsch-type citation speed index for a set of articles. ISSI Newsletter, 6(3), 2010 (issue 23), p. 62-65.

    Freely available at the ISSI website. I think this is a better approach than the one published by Bornmann, Egghe and Guns in JOI.

Ronald Rousseau and Bihui Jin. The age-dependent h-type ARē-index: basic properties and a case study. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 59(14), 2305-2311, 2008.

    An elaboration of Jin's idea to incorporate the age of a publication in the calculation of the h-index. Includes the history of my personal h-index.

The STIMULATE 6 Group. The Hirsch index applied to topics of interest to developing countries. First Monday, 12(2), 2007

    An application of the h-index for topics, written in collaboration with a group of international students

Jinkun Wan, Pinghuan Hua, Ronald Rousseau. The pure h-index: calculating an author' s h-index by taking co-authors into account. COLLNET Journal of Scientometrics and Information Management, 2007, p. Also available at E-LIS: ID code: 11401

    A proposal for fractionally counting authors, possibly even taking their position in the byline into account.



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Dilruba Mahbuba (Ruba) and her doctoral jury: December 17, 2012

Profs. Colpaert, Engels, Nyssen, Delsaerdt, dr. Mahbuba and me