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Awardees of the Derek J. de Solla Price medal

  • 1984          Eugene Garfield
  • 1985          Michael J. Moravscik
  • 1986          Tibor Braun
  • 1987          Vasiliy V. Nalimov and Henry Small
  • 1988          Francis Narin
  • 1989          Bertram C. Brookes and Jan Vlachý
  • 1993          Andras Schubert
  • 1995          Anthony F.J. van Raan  and Robert K. Merton
  • 1997          John Irvine & Ben Martin (jointly) and Belver C. Griffith
  • 1999          Wolfgang Glänzel and Henk F. Moed
  • 2001          Leo Egghe and Ronald Rousseau
  • 2003          Loet Leydesdorff
  • 2005          Peter Ingwersen and Howard D. White
  • 2007          Kate McCain
  • 2009          Michel Zitt and Péter Vinkler
  • 2011          Olle Persson
  • 2013          Blaise Cronin
  • 2015          Mike Thelwall
  • 2017          Judit Bar-Ilan
  • 2019          Lutz Bornmann


A short biography

Price, Derek John de Solla   (1922 - 1983), UK


Derek de Solla Price was born in Leyton, near London (UK) and obtained a Ph.D. in experimental physics from the University of London in 1946. After a three-year teaching assignment at Raffles College (Singapore), he returned to England and obtained a second doctorate, now in the history of science. He successively worked at Princeton and the Smithsonian Institute. At Yale, where he remained until his death, he was appointed Avalon professor of history of science. He studied the exponential growth of science and the half-life of scientific literature. In a famous article "Networks for scientific papers' he drew attention to the interactive communication patterns of scientists, as shown by citations to each other's work. His article on cumulative advantage processes, interpreting Herbert Simon's theory, earned him the best JASIS paper award (1976). He is a pioneer and outstanding figure of the sociology of science and has been called 'the father of scientometrics'. In 1984 he received, posthumously, the ASIS Research Award for outstanding contributions in the field of information science.


Price D.J. de Solla (1963). Little science, big science. Columbia University Press: New York and London.

Price D.J. de Solla (1965). Networks of scientific papers. Science, 149: 510-515.

Price D.J. de Solla (1976). A general theory of bibliometric and other cumulative advantage processes. Journal of the American Society for Information Science, 27: 292-306.



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