Gentiboís Pages


Hi, my name is Bo, Gentibo all the way.

Iím a Bull Mastiff.

People oft call me a Boxer or Boerboel, but Iím not!

Iím much moreÖ letís say sophisticated.

I never loose my temper, Iím always happy, even if it doesnít look like. Ok-ok, maybe a little slower then the others. Sometimes I drool after a nice long drink. Snoring and farting? Of course but who isnít!

They told me I have two sisters, but if you ask me, they Ďre not my real sisters. How can it, they donít speak the same language, can jump 10 times higher , and they stink. I donít understand why they are allowed in the couch? You will also never see me smiling, my sisters always smile. Sometimes it gives me the creeps. And I punch them!

†Iím extremely intelligent, but Iím not showing. This gives me benefits you canít imagine.

I wonít bite, biting is for losers. Instead I knock you down and sit with my sticky but on your face, if Iím not to tired!

For food, I will do almost everything. I donít care which kind of food, I can have them all.