35mm projectors used in Antwerp

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Projectors by Bauer

Bauer was a German manufacturer in Stuttgart, founded by Eugen Bauer in 1908.
This firm is know the world over for it's quality projectors wich have been sold to North America, Europe, Middle East, South Africa, Asia and Australia/ New Zeeland. Bauer was the first to introduce a left projector in 1925.
Most of the projectors installed in the Rex Concern cinema's were Bauer, Rex was one of the first cinema's in Europe to install the B12 when it came on the market in 1951. Most of the projectors of the other cinema's of the Rex Concern came second hand from Germany.

In 1932 Eugen Bauer had sold his company to the Robert Bosch company who stoped the manufacturing in 1980, since then all the maintenance & servicing has been taken over by Kineton.   

Photo : Bauer B12 projectors in Ciné Rex 04/1994

Rex cabine on 04/1994

Photo : Bauer B8A projector in Ciné Odeon 04/1994

Photo : Bauer B14 projector in Ciné Sinjoor/Ambassades  04/1994

Ambassades - B14.jpg - 35009 Bytes

Photo : Bauer U3 projector in Ciné Metro I 04/1994 (35mm only)

Metro 1 - Bauer U3.jpg - 31775 Bytes

Photo : Bauer U4 projector in Ciné Wapper/Century I 04/1994

Wapper - Bauer U4.jpg - 42267 Bytes


Projectors by Philips

Philips is know the world over for it's home consumer and it's professional products.
This firm from Eindhoven, The Netherlands have also manufacterd 35/70mm projectors until 1980 when all rights & patents were sold to Kineton who still uses them in their projectors.
The Philips DP70 (a.k.a. Norelco AA II) was made for Todd - AO (70mm proces) and still in use in a lot of theatres around the globe.
For more info on this projector : http://www.dp70.com site maintained by Thomas Hauerslev.

Before the Rex concern replaced a lot of projection booths with second hand Bauer projectors from Germany, the Philips FP5 was also to be found in a few projection booths.

Photo : Philips DP70 projector (1429) in Ciné Quellin I 04/1994

Quellin - DP70 1429.jpg - 47221 Bytes 

Photo : Philips DP70 projector (1710) in Ciné Calypso 1 06/2000

Calypso - DP70 1710.jpg - 52523 Bytes

Projectors by Westrex (International Export Co)

Westrex was an American manufacturer of motion picture equipment.
Also known from the Westrex sound process for motion pictures.

Photo Westrex projectors in Ciné Capitole (Source : Eddy Wyns)

Cabine Capitole