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realistische schilderwerken

CV Rudy Beckers: painter

Born: 19/6/1954


Occupation: diamond polisher at Pulle

Rudy Beckers grew up at Grobbendonk. A small village in the Province of Antwerp. Moved after his marriage with Diana Mertens to Vorselaar where he was bitten by the painting microbe. He has following the art-academy for eight years and cached the first price at the Academy in 1989.

The articles of use that people throw away are grateful objects to Rudy to build up his still lifes. The old pots, pans and toys has Ďlivedí, theĎre damaged, are rusty or just worn out. To find these things he has to rise very early to scour the fly-markets in search of the old stuff to keep them apart for later use to build up a still life. By his occupation of diamond worker Rudy seems to see his creations almost like through a magnifying glass. With a close to the bounds perfectionism he builds up his still lifes, sometimes after a long search to find the right colour to come as close as he can get to the reality, and sometimes even surpass it. His punctual, sharp lined subjects are as a matter of fact, Rudyís trademark. It is nít astonishing when a visitor rises his hand to chase away a fly from the painting and a few moments later he realized embarrassed that the fly isnít for real but just oil. Other people do feel the need to scratch with the fingernail behind the paint flakes because they look so real.

Also an old pencil should never been thrown away for it can be used to set up an other still life. If it is an old soap-dish, filled with cherries, a rusty coffeecan or a wormy wooden toy. You can always tell itís from Rudyís hand.