" Flesh " : Multimedia installation 1998.






" Flesh ": computer graphic art.



" Flesh ": video stills.

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The " Flesh " installation consists of a video triptych in which the

manipulation of food, flesh and human being is represented and

rendered. The representation of the video's on the side consists of

a bull who, in a morph, changes in a carcass. The middle of the

video triptych consists not of a representation, but renders the

manipulation of flesh and consumer: manipulation, consumation,

genetical implication. The installation constitutes a persiflage on the

insane consequences which mass-production and mass-consumption

lead to. The video in the middle consists  of a performance in which

the images are being reflected and deformed to an absurd mime

in a shocking and, paradoxical, at the same time aesthetic play

of consumer and product ( the absurd dance of the flesh ).