" To Be or not to Be "


Performances 2002

( with my students )


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" To Be or not to Be ": performance: CC Liedekerke march 2002 ( work session).


" To Be or not to Be ": performance: Gallery Free University of Brussels april 24 2002



  To Be or not to Be  is a multimediaproject that grows from the performances in different chosen spaces.  This results in video, installation and computerart, in an exhibition in the VUB ( Free University of Brussels), synchronically growing with the group performances . The performance consists of one single movement out of an individual confrontation with oneself in complete darkness, yet visible for the public through the with black material covered physical presence ( outside appearance external ), and through an infrared camera connected to a video screen ( inside inner self internal ). The participants of the performance are dressed in white ( white representing the presence of all colors ) and they are covered with black sheet ( black representing the absence of all colors ).

On the floor of the room lies a large black surface ( a black sheet ). On this surface stands a video camera. In front of the camera lies a performer dressed in white facing the camera. The LCD-screen of the camera is visible for the performer, so that she/he is confronted with herself/himself. The camera is set on infrared ( so that it is able to film in complete darkness ), and is connected to a video screen outside the black surface. Four performers ( dressed in white ) cover this all with a large black sheet ( absence of all color ), so that just the silhouette of the performer is visible to the audience. The inside ( fully covered in darkness ) is visible to the audience on the videoscreen connected to the infrared camera. The four performers each take a triangle and take place on the corners of the black sheet. They start counting in themselves and touch the triangle every 5 turns. Because every participant counts individually, the sound evolves to an asynchrone sound. The performer who is between the two sheets, starts moving slowly on this sound for ten minutes, during which in create his movement in confrontation with himself on the LCD screen in complete darkness and visible on the videoscreen to the audience. In this movement he tries to capture his energy of that moment. After the ten minutes a signal stops the movement. The process than restart with new performers. During this break performers go around and give away flyers with various existential contrasts, in wrong oppositions. During the whole performance the same contrasts are whispered inside the space. The whole process ( inside as well as outside ) is recorded on video. Video stills are edited on computer and printed, and during the exhibition they are displayed. The requisites from the performance remain on their original place and the video is displayed continuously. As the performance evolves the individual differences in movement are accentuated by the exhibited computer graphics,  which are updated after each performance.



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" To Be or not to Be ": digital video stills of the performance: computer graphic art 300 x 400 cm.: 2002