My favourite websites

  1. about the Web itself, definitions, resources

    WWW consortium: the people taking care of the Web
    HTML validation
    CSS validation

  2. general information and references

    Google: need I mention it? but you should get the Toolbar if you haven’t already
    Wikipedia: towards a complete and accurate free content encyclopedia
    Global Gazetteer: directory of world cities
    Time and Date: all the conversions and calculations
    Whatis: specialised in IT references

  3. philosophy

    Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind
    Spinoza: use my own site as a starting point
    Ayn Rand: even if you don’t agree with her philosophy, you may enjoy her novels, as I do

  4. linguistics, natural languages

    I Love Languages, formerly The Human Languages Page
    SIL International (formerly known as the Summer Institute of Linguistics)
    The Ethnologue database of languages, by SIL
    Lexicon of linguistics
    Glossary of linguistic terms

  5. artificial languages

    Constructed languages: the most comprehensive overview, albeit no longer updated
    Ardalambion: all about Tolkien’s languages
    Loglan: a language whose development I have been briefly associated with
    see also for a variant

  6. Hungarian language and culture

    Hungarian Online Resources
    Hollosi Information eXchange: a real treasure trove
    Hungarian Electronic Library
    The Hungarian Quarterly: Central Europe's best English-language journal
    Debrecen Summer School

  7. science fiction

    SF Site
    SF-Lovers Mailing Lists
    Isaac Asimov: my first favourite
    Encyclopedia Galactica: among many sites of that name, this is the one that relates to Asimov’s works
    Julian May: definitely in the major league

  8. miscellaneous

    A nostalgic site about the German and Austro-Hungarian Empires
    The Red Book of the Peoples of the Rusian Empire
    A very interesting personal site
    The KryssTal Web Site