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Diving configurations, mix and match

Modified webbing

Modified webbing

My starting point is the traditional DIR one piece webbing only.
, Ref[2], Ref[3], Ref[4].

Major drawback is how to remove the gear from an unconscious diver at the surface ? It is impossible to get the diver with inflated wings out of his harness. One way of dealing with the problem is cutting the shoulder straps (with a Z knife for instance). When doing rescue training however this becomes not an option. Better is to provide for a locking/release mechanism without compromising robustness. The design does therefore not consider using plastic clips of any kind.

It looks like a D-ring but it has two additional crossbars. Beneath that "D-ring" sits a metal rectangular ring wich will act like a brake, providing the actual locking. Releasing is simply by pulling up B, tightening is done by pulling down on A.


A= grab/pull ring, B=lock/release rings, C=classical D-ring

Some closeups .. (click on image for details)

closeup 1 closeup 2


Ref[1] Webbing a harness/backplate

Ref[2] Backplate and harness

Ref[3] Backplate and harness

Ref[4] Backplate and harness

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