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The real dumb question is the one unasked


We probably all remember our first driving lessons. How we felt proud about obtaining our drivers license. We discovered that the learning process still continues afterwards and never ends. Each day in traffic we get confronted with new situations we can learn from.

Despite technological advances, accidents still happen. The human factor is still a very big contributor and remains an important but underestimated factor to consider.

The same parallel can be drawn with diving.

Despite sophisticated diving apparatus and improved quality education and training, divers are still taking unacceptable high risks.

As there exists answers to the question why this is happening, there also exist some measures to prevent dangerous situations from ever happening, hence rendering diving more safe (more fun too).

This site is about SAFE diving and makes a humble attempt to make some educational effort towards achieving this. Please note that this site is not an alternative to training and training remains paramount.

In this world with sophisticated communications, where so few actual communication is taking place, I am pledging you to step forward and ask your questions. Don't be intimidated by anyone. There is simply no such thing as a bad or stupid question.


Let's all make the underwater world a safer place to dive in and enjoy all of its beauties to the full extent and in a safe manner.

Explore and enjoy the underwater world, dive safe.

Xavier Merlin

Webmaster Project Safe Diving

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