[pc card picture] BioNet 100

Last update : 23 July 1999 / 11.32 CET

The BioNet 100 is an ethernet adapter for the Atari ACSI bus. It is partly supported in Linux/m68k; originally it used to work in a BioNet 100 environment, consisting of a server (a PC running the server software or an Atari TT), and the clients (running the BioNet clients for TOS). There was also a VME Bus card for the TT, but I think this one isn't supported at all (by Linux/m68k, that is).

I think there also was a driver for MiNT... But if you're just running plain TOS without MiNT/MiNTNet, you're probably out of luck to use this adaptor in a standard ethernet environment using TCP-IP - at least as far as I know...

[question mark picture] Note :
They were sold by Biodata in Germany (the company still exists, but does not have any documentation about the old stuff anymore).

(thx Alexander Bochmann)

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