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D-Link pocket adaptor

Last update : 30 September 1998 / 13.42 CET

There exists a method to connect a D-Link DE 600 to the cartridge port of any ST or TT, and I assume it will work with a Falcon. The D-Link DE 600 is a PC pocket-ethernet-adaptor that you can connect on the parallel port. It is almost a small rectangle, with one side a little bigger than the parallel port and the third dimension just a little longer than the width. It has a power supply that is connected by a small jack.
BTW, they have models with BNC connectors (thin coax), with AUI connectors (thick coax), with RJ-45 connectors for 10Base-T UTP, and a model with both BNC and RJ-45. I don't think the prices are all the same. I hope I'll have some prices soon.
Because the parallel port of the ST and TT isn't bidirectional, it requires an extra device so you can connect the D-Link DE 600 to the cardridge port. This device do you have to build yourself.
You can download the plans right here : The adaptor connects the ROM-Port to the DE 600 and takes the interrupt from the parallel-port. It is a very simple circuit with 5 IC and some other passive stuff. The best thing is, to take an old Epromdisk and put the IC-layer on top (connected with a 28pin DIL-socket). Sources for the driver are also available for MintNet and Linux (ask Kay Roemer). A driver for StiK is not available, because there is no builtin driver interface.
Here are some addresses of the manufacturer :
        D-Link Germany
        AufDer Krautweide 32
        6232 Bad Soden, Germany
        Tel:  (49)6169-643011
        FAX:  (49)6196-28049

        D-Link U.K.
        Denmark House
        Staples Corner
        The Broadway, London
        NW9 7BW, U.K.
        Tel:  (08)203-9900
        FAX:  (08)203-6915

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