[pc card picture] EtherNE - NE2000 Ethernet Adaptor

Last update : 04 Aug 2002 / 12.05 CET

Thomas Redelberger build an ethernet solution to connect NE2000 compatible ISA NIC to the ACSI port (i.e. EtherNEA) or ROM port (i.e. EtherNEC) of an Atari. The complete project is Open Source under GNU GPL.

For more information contact :

Thomas Redelberger
   E-mail : Dr. Thomas Redelberger
   URL : Thomas' EtherNEA Solution

[Packet logo] The package with software and the circuit board layout is available :

Prefabricated EtherNEC PCB
  • Lyndon Amsdon made the EtherNEC hardware schematics. A prefabricated PCB is available from him, together with ISA NE2000 Network Card and drivers on disk.
    Prices are available on his page.

    For more information contact :

    Lyndon Amsdon
       E-mail : Lyndon Amsdon
       URL : http://hardware.atari.org/ether/index.htm

Prefabricated EtherNEA PCB

[acsi 2 ISA PCB Elmar]

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