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Last update : 30 January 1997 / 20.20 CET

The "FlexLink" is a product from PAM Software. It is an ethernet adaptor for the Falcon- or TT-SCSI-port which supports the Novell network. But the adaptor is very expensive, almost DM 800.
PAM's NET TCP/IP package includes FTP and TELNET. The NFS package includes FTP, TELNET and NFS client access, i.e. you can access UNIX filesystems on network servers via TOS drive letters. With the NFS client it is not possible to access files of a Windows server via TOS drive letters.
Here you have some prices :
  FlexLink DM 799
  TCP/IP DM 261
  NFS DM 524

For more info you can contact comming PAM Software at :
        PAM Software GmbH
        Carl Zuckmayer Strasse 27
        D 55127 Mainz, Germany
        Tel : (06131)47 57 62
        FAX : (06131)47 64 02 
(thx for the address Tommy Jonaeson)

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