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K.Y.E. Genius pocket adaptor

Last update : 21 November 2000 / 21.37 CET

Adaptor not available anymore since Nov 2000 !

The Greek Parallel <-> Ethernet Pocket Adaptor project has been succesfull. It allows you to connect a K.Y.E. Genius E3000 II-2 pocket adaptor to the cartridge port of a ST or TT, and Falcon. To be precise you should be able to connect any parallel pocket adaptor that is based on a RealTek 8002 and 8012 ethernet controller.
However there still are some problems with Falcons equiped with accelerator boards. This is due to the cartridge port device.

The K.Y.E. Genius E3000 II-2 is a PC pocket-ethernet-adaptor that you can connect on the parallel port. It is almost a small rectangle, with one side a little bigger than the parallel port. And the side it has another parallel connector for parallel throughput. It has a power supply that is connected by a small jack. They have BNC connectors (thin coax) and RJ-45 connectors for 10Base-T UTP. The price is around 70 euro.
Because the parallel port of the atari isn't bidirectional, it requires an extra device so you can connect the K.Y.E. Genius E3000 II-2 to the cardridge port. This device do you have to build yourself.

[Packet logo] The several packages with software and the circuit board layout are available :

The adaptor connects the cartridge port to the K.Y.E. Genius E3000 II-2. It is a very simple circuit with 3 ICs.

Some facts about the cartridge port device :

Of course you can ask Elmar Hilgart one of his prefabricated devices. They look and are very proffesional.
This device also has 3 ICs and some other pasive elements. Elmar doesn't use the same ICs as Vassilis.

For more information contact :

Elmar Hilgart
   E-mail : Elmar Hilgart
   URL : http://www.asamnet.de/~hilgarte/ether.htm

[cartridge port device Elmar]

Here are some addresses of the manufacturer :

        KYE Systems Europe GmbH
        Karl-Benz-Straße 9
        40764 Langenfeld, Germany

More information :

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