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Atari Ethernet Networking

Last update : 16 April 2002 / 20.32 CET

  You can write STinG or MiNTnet drivers?
  You have practical experience using your Atari and Ethernet?
    Then you should contact me!

  EtherNE Solution - Prefabricated PCB available !

  Integrated Ethernet boards : soon available !

[hardware picture] The Hardware

List of the most common ethernet adaptors

Parallel Ethernet Adaptors

SCSI Ethernet Adaptors ISA and PCI Ethernet Cards Integrated Ethernet boards
  • Ethernet board for ACSI-port
  • Ethernet board for ROM-port
Other Ethernet Adaptors
  • Arcnet network solution (thx Max Rechenberg)
  • Solution with SMC-Ultra 32 (thx Max Rechenberg)
  • Riebl-card
  • BioNet 100 (thx Alexander Bochmann)

[software picture] The Software

All questions and remarks are welcome.

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Karl Samyn

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