If you want to use an Ethernet card on the Atari other than the RIEBL card, you should make the necessary changes to PKTDRV.PRG to get started. The source code of the packet driver is included in the file tuwtcpsr.zip : "pktdrv.c" and "pktdrv.h".

256 bytes stack are sufficient for this version (RIEBL CARD PLUS). Turn off stack-checking.
I used PURE-C to develop this driver, see the .prj file how to link allbjects.
PKTDRV.PRG adds a cookie named '_PKT', its value is a pointer to jumptable. All functions use the PURE-C register parameter passingonvention, that is, integer types in D0,D1 , pointers in A0,A1 rom first parameter to last respectively.
Supported functions are: Indices to the jumptable are provided in pktdrv.h
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hans Wieser

Support for other Ethernet cards:

The packet driver forms the interface to any Ethernet card applied to our ATARI.
So if you would like to use any other card than the RIEBL card you simply have to change this program. We did this for a D-Link DE 600 pocket adaptor usually fitted to the parallel port of an IBM-PC. Since the ATARI does not provide all of the required signals on its parallel port, we did some simple interface hardware for the cartridge port. The file "newadapt.img" (see D-Link pocket adaptor page) shows the principle of this piece. The packet driver for the DE 600 you can find in the file tuwtcp10.zip : "dlinkdrv.prg".
The sources for packet drivers are provided in sources/de600src.zip and sources/pktlance.zip.

Peter Mayer

More info about PC TCP/IP packet drivers.

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