[pc card picture] Riebl Card

Last update : 18 July 1999 / 15.32 CET

The "Riebl Card" is available in two configutrations. One for the Mega Bus and one for the VME bus.
At the moment (04 feb 98) Curt Vendel sells some cards. Both Mega Bus or VME are available.
A 720K disk with the Atari Network Service for TOS on it, if you decide to try it out with TOS, is included. Otherwise all the drivers are already in Linux and Atari System V Unix also has the drivers built in.
The cards come with a "T" connector.

[pc card picture] Riebl MiNT-Net Configuration files

Last update : 30 June 1999 - version 0.2

Here are the initialisation files you need for connecting a Riebel Ethernet card to your MEGA-STE or TT030 (VME version) or MEGA-ST (MEGABUS version).

The two files should be self-explanatory, but if you have questions, just ask. However, general questions about MiNT-Net should be sent to its maintainer, who is currently Torsten Lang.

[question mark picture] Note :
Please consult the NetBSD FAQ at http://www.netbsd.org/Ports/atari/faq.html for details about the jumper settings of the VME (MEGA-STE and TT030) cards if you're uncertain about your Riebl configuration.

(thx Martin-Eric Racine)

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