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[book picture] Can I connect my Atari to other computers ? (4)

Yes, off course you can !
There are several possibilities to connect your Atari to another computer. This other computer can be another Atari, but it can also be a PC running Linux, BeOS or Windows.
Depending on what kind of connection you want to establish, there are several kind of options available. Before to decide how you will make the connection, you have to answer next questions :
  • How many computers do I want to connect ?
  • Are all the computers Atari computers?
  • Do I only need this connection once, or will it be a fixed connection?
Once you've answered to all o these questions, you can decide which solution you can take, and which you can't.

[book picture] I want to connect my Atari to another Atari
How can I do this ? (4)

There exist different ways to do this.
The most common way to do this is by using STinG. Herefor I refer to the L.A.N. pages, creating your Midi Intranet.
If there are only 2 computers to connect, then the most simple way is to use a serial cable. This serial connection can be made by a serial null-modem cable or 2 midi cables. As software you can use duetmc. This package also enables you to print on the other computer.
Parcp can do the same things, but uses a special parallel cable.
When you have more then 2 Ataris to connect, then you should use Midicom (Midicom demo). This package allows you to connet up to 7 computers, with drive and printer sharing and even password protection.
For more specialised solutions that use extra hardware, I refer to my L.A.N. pages.

[book picture] I want to connect my Atari computer to another computer that's not an Atari.
How can I do this ? (4)

There exist different ways to do this.
If you only want to connect your Atari to just one other computer, the best and cheapest way to do so, is by using a serial or a parallel connection.
Parcp is available for several platforms, but uses a special parallel cable (you can make it yourself or purchase it at Titan Design). More information about it on the Official PARCP homepage.
You can also set up a PC to Atari NFS link. But then you need an Atari with MiNTnet and NFS for MiNT. I refer to PC to Atari NFS link for more info about this subject.
SmartNet is another solution. It requires extra harware, but is available for several platforms.
But there is another, more evident solution : Ethernet.

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