II. ATARI 680x0 TCP/IP Software List

Ka9q (old version):  Available at numerous sites, although several sites 
     have been  reported to have a corrupt version.  A good copy is
     located at ftp.tu-clausthal.de under  pub/atari/telecomm/tcpip. 

KA9Q-Nos: SLIP, PPP & NNTP software.  Currently supported by David Nash.
     Mail  reader  available.  Located at ftp.tu-clausthal.de under
     pub/atari/telecomm/tcpip/ka9q  &  ftp.demon.co.uk under  
     pub/atari/ka9q (this site is maintained by the author of the
     atari version). Also can be found at atari.archive.umich.edu under

pe1chl: A version of Ka9q, available for both the Atari and MSDOS. 
     Currently supported. Available ftp.tu-clausthal.de under    

STICP:   version number 'v871225.33.PE1CHL.900813'. Copyrighted 1988 by        
     Phil Karn.  Available at ftp.tu-clausthal.de (fsp port '21')        
     under “/pub/atari/telecomm/tcpip/sticp.lzh”  Wolfgang Ley has
     also made a sample config available here. 

TUW-TCP: Standard package designed for an Ethernet card, but sources  and 
     instructions are available for making your own driver.  Runs as an
     .ACC or .PRG.  Does not like MultiTOS.  Located at
     ftp.tu-clausthal.de under 'pub/atari/telecomm/tcpip/tuw-tcp' or
     atari.archive.umich.edu under 'atari/Network/EtherNet' 

UUCP Software (This list belongs here, but needs to be fleshed out)

     The following packages can all be found at ftp.tu-clausthal.de under 
        pub\atari\telecom\uucp\ and atari.archive.umich.edu under 

     Hermes 1.14
     Upoint-Light (There is a new version available as of this writing, 
                        however I haven't seen it yet)

     The only one of these packages that I have any experience at all with 
is Upoint Light.  It is nicely done and all works inside of a profesional 
GEM interface.  I do not have access to using UUCP at my university, so 
please if you use UUCP help flesh this section out.

MiNT-Net 1.04 :  Port of Berkley Unix Sockets. Requires MiNT to run. (***)
     At the moment further development is done by Torsten Lang. The 
	 current version supports IP-masquerade and ftp-masquerade.
	 MiNT-Net can be found on :

STiK : SLIP software. (***)
     Author : ...
	 Date : ... 19..

STinG 1.20 : SLIP, CSLIP and PPP Software. (***)
     Author : Peter Rottengatter - ...
	 Date : March 1999 (?)
	 This version also supports ethernet network drivers. 
Iconnect : Commercial PPP Software from ASH. (***)
	 Iconnect works with MagiC and MiNT/N_AES. The clients (except Cab)
	 work only with MagiC. 

Wensuite : Commercial package from OXO Systems (***)
	 It is a whole package : TCP/IP stack, browser, mail-, news-client.

Draconis : This is a commercial TCP/IP stack. (***)
	 This is a whole package : Browser Adamas, mail-client and telnet-
	 client are part of the pckage. The programmer is Jans Heitmann and 
	 is distributed by MUCS.

(***) : Last modified on 20 November 1999 by Karl Samyn