VI. ATARI World Wide Web Browsers & ATARI World Wide Web Pages

The different WWW browsers available for the Atari :



From: schuller@dutiws.twi.tudelft.nl (Bart Schuller)
Subject: Re: Mosaic/WWW ??
Keywords: atari, lynx, WWW

And I would like to announce that Lynx, the curses based WWW browser is
working right now on my atari. Right now I only have a 68020 only binary,
I'll make a 68000 binary when I have experimented some more (I want to
add term support).

The ingredients for those who would like to compile it themselves:

- gcc (I use a cross-gcc)
- MiNTLibs (mine are at pl44)
- MiNT-Net (version 0.30)
- ncurses (might not be strictly needed, but is if you not only want
  inverse-video but also bold and underline). This one needs to "ported"
  to the ST. I'll make patches relative to ncurses 1.8.5 available.
  Note that ncurses doesn't use the termcap database, it uses terminfo.
  I'll have to see if I can dig up an st52 terminfo entry.
- the Lynx source code (mine is beta version 2.3)
- (when term support works:) term for the atari (I use Kay Roemer's
  term 1.0.8)

As you can see, this is not for the faint of heart... :-)

I'll put the binary and my diffs for everything up for ftp on
You can mail me if you have problems getting everything installed

I do hope the people who want to do a GEM WWW browser take a look at
this, it could save them a lot of work...

With luck, the binary I made will magically start to work with SLIP and term
once MiNT-net contains working TCP.

lynx for the ST can be found on ftp://ftp.twi.tudelft.nl/pub/atari/lynx/
Note that this is currently "hack-ware"; it contains the ncurses library
instead of normal atari-curses because normal curses won't do bold and
underline. This means you'll need a terminfo description of the terminal you
use. I'm using one that works with Juergen Lock's virtual consoles on a
colour monitor. (I prefer colour instead of bold)
Details are in the README files on the ftp site.

  /                           Bart Schuller                            \
 /P.B.Schuller@TWI.TUDelft.NL               webmaster@www.twi.tudelft.nl\
                               My WWW page
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You can try Lynx by telnetting to www.twi.tudelft.nl and logging in as 


: A question for the Lynx savvy if you please.

: I've been telnetting to either www.twi.tudelft.nl or
: millbrook.lib.rmit.edu.au   and using their
: lynx programs since all I have is a vt100 on this end.
: I see som peole posting here advertising their own html home pages.
: How do I force these WWW servers to vie these home pages???

You type:

for eg, lynx http://micros.hensa.ac.uk That's all...and this should take you to the specified address to browse around. --- I've found that www.lbl.gov lets people use the "G" command even though they are anonymous users. ... Well, at least I will know where to telnet to when I need a lynx server for now. Thanks guys. Jeff -- From: timg@ccwf.cc.utexas.edu (Tim Gallivan) Subject: Atari Ghostscript Info available via WWW Date: 11 Apr 1994 23:44:52 GMT Hi, I have set up a section under my World Wide Web (WWW) home page for Atari Ghostscript. Atari GS users (and prospective users) may like to check it out. Point your WWW browser (like Mosaic) to http://godel.ph.utexas.edu. You will find my home page under Personnel/Tim Gallivan. This site currently contains: 1.) A brief description of Atari Ghostscript. 2.) Links to Atari ftp sites, as well as sites for the standard source. 3.) A (not so good) screen clip of what Atari GS looks like. 4.) A list of new features for the next release. 5.) An http formated version of the Ghostscript FAQ list. Tim Gallivan timg@landau.ph.utexas.edu -- Crystal Atari Browser : (**) ======================= Author : Alexander Clauss Date : ... The first GEM-based browser available for the Atari. -- Wensuite : (**) ========== Author : OXO Systems Date : ... A GEM-based browser from this French Software house. It is part of an entire package. -- Adamas : (**) ======== Author : ... Date : ... Another GEM-based browser that supports java-script. -- ATARI URLs : ============ http://micros.hensa.ac.uk/ http://student.dhhalden.no/studenter/jonal/Atari/Atari.home.html http://www.upi.edu:8080/~lanar/atari.html http://godel.ph.utexas.edu/Members/timg/welcome.html http://www.earth.ox.ac.uk/~steve/mintos.html http://web.city.ac.uk/~cb170/ksclpt.html http://web.city.ac.uk/~cb170/CALAMUS/calamus.html http://www.wpi.edu:8080/~lancer/atari.html

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