VII.b. Ethernet card for Falcon

[book picture] Is there a ethernet card available for the Falcon? (4)
Magnus Kollberg <Magnus.Kollberg@emw.ericsson.se>

Answer from Mario Becroft <mbecroft@tos.ak.planet.gen.nz> :

I recall seeing some ethernet card recently from Pam software. It was mentioned in an ST Format magazine that this card was shown at a German show. I am unsure when this was, but I believe it may have been inside the past year or so (Note of Saka : This message was send in Dec 1996)

I have also heard of a Bionet ethernet adaptor, but I don't have any more details about this.

[book picture] Can I use the internet applications with it like CAB, Antmail etc? (4)
Magnus Kollberg <Magnus.Kollberg@emw.ericsson.se>

Answer from Mario Becroft <mbecroft@tos.ak.planet.gen.nz> :

MiNTNet comes supplied with drivers for some network cards: DE600, AMD LANCE ethernet, PAM's DMA ethernet, BIONET DMA adaptor. So it sounds like you can use MiNTNet with many ethernet cards, and therefore CAB, aFTP and other internet-related software. And via GlueSTiK, you can use Antmail and other STiK internet software.

[book picture] What do I need? MiNT-Net or can STiK/STinG do the job? (4)
Magnus Kollberg <Magnus.Kollberg@emw.ericsson.se>

Answer from Karl Samyn <saka@village.uunet.be> :

Depends on what ethernet adaptor you use on your Falcon.
My setup runs with a parallel pocket adaptor. No drivers for MiNT-Net are available yet. Only a STinG driver is available at the moment. Everything works fine with it. aFTP, CAB, ... can all be used on my local network to connect to the servers.

[book picture] What about using a PC Ethernet card for the parallel port? (4)
Magnus Kollberg <Magnus.Kollberg@emw.ericsson.se>

Answer from Tom Lamparty <Lamparty@concentric.net> :

I think that you will find that Atari's implimentation of the parallel port was never meant for bi-directional data transfer and therefore doesn't have all the lines necessary for it to be used like the IBM version! This would negate any effort to use a PC parallel port ethernet card on any Atari computer, or for that matter any parallel port device for the PC other than a printer!

Answer from Craig Graham <c_graham@patrol.i-way.co.uk> :

The parallel port is bi-directional, the problem is that it is missing several of the non-essential handshake lines (things like paper out) which are used by a lot of parallel port stuff like ethernet cards.

Answer from Gerry O'Rourke <sig@end.article> :

Check out the TUW-TCP archive (available on the Belgian FTP site).
It has a circuit diagram for a cartridge port adapter that allows a PC parallel port adapter to be used. They developed this because of the Atari parallel port.

Answer from Karl Samyn <saka@village.uunet.be> :

The parallel port adaptor Gerry is talking about is the D-Link DE-600. Unfortunately, this adaptor is not easy to find. According D-Link the newer DE-620 should be backwards compatible. AFAIK no one tried it with the DE-620.
MiNTnet comes with a driver for it.

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