VIII. UUCP on the Atari Q&A

Steve Barnes (Steve.Barnes@lchurch.mcd.on.ca) wrote:

>         I'm having a problem with UUCICO72 here, and hoping somebody
> out their is running the same. Here goes.

Hmm, I don't know of which uucico implementation you talk. But it seems
you use the GFA uucico 3.72, usually works together with Hermes.

The latest version of GFA uucico is 4.01.

>         How do you get it to use e-proto as a default OR use increased
> g-proto packet sizes? This has got me really confused. I call UUCICO72
> directly to place a call, all documented environment variables are set
> etc.. with the following command line:

You do not want to use g protocol over serial lines:

     The `t' and `e' protocols are intended for use over TCP or some
     other communication path with end to end reliability, as they do no
     checking of the data at all.  They will only be considered on a
     TCP port which is both reliable and eight bit.

> It dials out just fine, connects (usually.. crappy phone line :),
> negotiates and logs in. However my end *SHOWS* its using e-proto
> as a default (I've included the lowercase 'e' at the end of the
> phone number in my hosts file).. My hosts logs show a NO negotiation
> for e-proto, and using g-proto with 64 byte packets. This KILLS
> throughput with the modem just thrashing itself to pieces.

The protocol and window/packet sizes really used for the transfer is
also dependent of the other host. If the other uucico is not capable
of the 'e' proto or does not want to use 'e' proto over the serial
line, there is no way to use 'e' proto.

> I've even tried g-proto with 512 byte packets. Nothing happens,
> UUCICO just sits their stating its gone into slave mode and does
> nothing. I'm really at a loss after 2 months of messing about with
> it. Please, HELP! :)

Again: The other site must support packet-sizes larger than 64 bytes.
If you want to use larger packet-sizes in *both* directions, the other
site has to configure that, too! And for GFA uucicos 3.?? you *must* use
the same packet-sizes in both directions. I don't know if the bug is
still present in 4.01.

Remember: Most old fashioned uucico-implementations do not support
larger packet sizes. Ask the other site for further information.



 > From: sandersw@cgsvax.claremont.edu
 > Organization: The Claremont Graduate School
 > Does anyone out there on the net know of a way to get a UUCP feed to my
 > atari.  I have palyed with Mercury and Hermes, but there are either no
 > docs or they are in german.  I would be interested in source code.. a
 > sompiled program that would let my Ratsoft BBS users get email and
 > usenet from a UUCP feed.  even a prgram that would convert USEnet
 > messages to Fido messages would be greatly appreciated.

Steve Caple (If you have access to NeST you can contact him there) has 
a program to convert the two type of packets Usenet<->Fido , the latest
non-beta version is freq'able using FIDO mailers from several BBS , the 
name of
the program is ...... STUFIT.ZIP , I have it here.

It's supportware , you can use it but if you want improvements and/or changes
then you have to pay him a one off fee.