IX. More Information available on the Internet

     There is a host of information available on the Internet,  here is a short
list of other resources that you might want to look at for more information and

     The Atari FTP Site List - This is available at numerous Atari File 
Archives, and is occasionally posted to comp.sys.atari.st .  It is not only an 
excellent resource for finding Atari computer related files it also has a 
tutorial for connecting to hosts and retrieving files via FTP.

     Hitchhikers Guide to the Internet and other handy resources can be found 
at ftp.halcyon.com in '/pub/tidbits/tisk'.  A good source of info for the
beginer  through intermediate user.

     Zen & the Art of Internet is available at src.doc.ic.ac.uk under 

     Internet Resource Guide (IRG) is available at ds.internic.net.  Look under
'/resource-guide/fyi' and 'resource-guide/rfc'.  This is a good source of
info for  the experienced user as well as sys admins.  This is where you
find RFCs and FYIs.  A few of note are FYI4.TXT,  FYI7.TXT.  These are
frequently asked beginers question,  frequently asked experienced user
questions.  Also RFC 1180.