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Ethernet for all Atarians....

I have broadband at home 10mbps but i can't use it with my atari. :(( keep on good work.
I'm especially interested in the Parallel Ethernet and other Ethernet projects.
[NEW] Zlatan Habul <>
Sweden, -

I am very interested in the SCSI-Ethernet project, but more for Amiga and 68k UNIX in general. Getting a SCSI to Ethernet adaptor available with open software drivers is key to making fast networking available on all these platforms.

I have an Asante EN/SC adaptor and would be willing to help out anyone who is developing drivers, with testing, etc., for that hardware.
Craig Ganoe <>
USA, -

I'm trying to work on getting a Farallon Appletalk to Ethernet convertor working. If anyone has already started work on a similar project, I'd be more than willing to trade info. This solution is great for Mega STE/TT/Falcon owners because they already have the LAN hardware in their machines. I'm impressed with all the working being concentrated on ethernet/networking by the Atari users out there. Lets get this one and keep our Ataris alive!
Roger Thomas <>
USA, -

I'm interested in the other ethernet projects.
Erik Boelens <>
Belgium, -

I'm interested in the other projects.
Help! I need Ethernet! Without an acceptable solution to this Ehternet problem, I can never have an Atari as my primary computer. Keep working, guys! You're my only hope!
Jeff Armstrong <>
USA, -

I'm interested in the SCSI project, the parallel ethernet project and the other projects.
I try to connect a Falcon to my Ethernet Network.
Sacha Hofer <>
Switzerland, -

I'm interested in the SCSI project and the other projects.
Krzysztof Maj <>
Poland, -

I'm interested in this project.
Sébastien TRUTTET <>
France, -

Want to connect my Falcon to our home ethernet, maybe use a cable-modem in the future... Will use a DE-600 for now, but a SCSI interface sounds much better...I think the Cabletron SCSI<->Ethernet driver-sources in NetBSD would be a good starting point, as porting isn't too hard using the generic SCSI driver by mr. Engel (see CBHD package for more info). Drivers for MiNTNet and Linux 68k would be cool...
Levien van Zon <>
The Netherlands, -

I am extremely interested in the Ethernet adaptor. Without it, Atari users will be left behind when the increased speeds of Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and cable modems become available. This would be sad and unnecesssary; the Atari community definately has the resources to get a project like this off the ground. I extend my gratitude to all the developers involved in this project. Let's all show them our support and thanks with a quick email.
Tim Soos <>
USA, -

I want an ethernet solution mostly for my TT, but I want it also for all other Ataris, so that I can write a driver for NOS and all Atari NOS users will benefit from this, as NOS as internal routing capabilities..... you can find Atari NOS at my home page, it is developed by me.
Mike De.Petris <>
Italy, -

This is a great project. I am mostly concerned about the Mega ST(4 Meg, Mac HW emulator (Gadget by Small), discovery cartridge,megafile 30 & 44 (Syquest)). My wife is complaining about the different computers we have home :DAI (8080), A ][e+, Mage ST4, 286, 386, 486 & P5. I wish to link the different 16bits+ machines together on ethernet, IP/IPX. I own caldera dos, a linux(pc) and WinC(r)ash 95. Adding the ST would be great ( I could use the PC HD for storing files). The ST would also be some great playing station for my kids. It will also give me some great memories. I have little time writing drivers, but I could spare some at testing and translating docs (english, french, dutch). I also have knowledges about NW (we are selling hubs, switches, .. Eth, TR, ATM, FDDI). Regards
Thierry Jacobson <>
belgium, -

Well, I wrote the reply to J. Perez--one in Usenet, one via email. I would love to see seamless networking--sharing and transfers of files, fast backups, and just convienent and consistent copies, not to mention future possible printer sharing and of course a blazingly fast internet connection. It would be great if there were a singleTOS (non-multitasking) driver as well, although I could imagine that that might be a bit more difficult than a MiNT driver, though the STing hookup could be used for easy TCP/IP nets between local machines as well. Anyway, I can't talk about this too much or I start drooling with lust of convenience. Let me know if I can contribute... Where's that beta?
Darren Wexler <>
USA, -

I have several ST Computers 4-520ST, 1-1040STf, 1-Mega STE and I would like to Use them with a Multitasking OS as an ISP( a Small one, 267 users total), I have 2-10base-2 Atari DMA to Ethernet adapters, 1-Asante Mac SCSI to Ethernet device and an Ethernet device made for the Mega STE( It has Yet to be Delivered, but soon It will be here) and I would love to see all of them communicate withe each other and I'd Even equip My PC( Powered by an AMD K6-233 CPU) too.
Victor Bobier <>
USA, -

I had a SCSI to network adaptor, but i sold it a few years ago, I'd be intrested to test it on my 1040STF, but it'sbusted. If anyone knows of a ST repair place in USA, prices must be low. St is a 1040 STF with Tos 1.02-1.04. I also want to upgrade the floppy to 1.44 and get tos 2.06. Also willing to buy old PAK-030 Accel cards. Resonable Prices.
Graham T. Cantin <>
USA, -

I would be most interested in this project, yes :) But I wouldvery much prefer a driver for MiNTnet.. Also, if there is needfor it, I can be helpful if there's need for ASM routiens in the driver developmet, as I only use ASM for my programming.. Very nice project, indeed :)
Odd Skancke <>
Norway, -

It would be very interesting to see this project done! As i am studying for network engineer (novell/microsoft/unix) and would just be happy to connet my Atari to the network... :-)
Niels Simonsen <>
Sweden, -

I'm also very interested in these projects.
Martin Byttebier <>
Belgium, -

I'm very interested in these projects... Atari computers can't stay behind in this time. Everywhere you look you see Lacol Area Networks (LAN) with enormous data transfer speed. Every computer can be hooked up to such a LAN, except the Atari.
That's why we should all support the ethernet adaptor/card developers as much as possible. A little mail to show them your support costs nothing, buying another computer system who have ethernet-LAN connectivity does !
Karl Samyn - "Saka" <>
Belgium, -

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