[connecting picture] Itos Lan

Last update : 30 October 1997 / 00.10 CET

Itos Lan is the only local network using the local-talk port and the TCP/IP protocol. It responds to the professional demands of transfer security.

About this, its functions: partition mounting, peripherals mounting (Serial, printer, MIDI), protection (against undesirable visitors...) and control, are a reference, and correspond exactly to what is existing on other platforms.

Many professionals use Itos Lan

An Itos Lan starter pack is available. This one is containing the using license for two network stations, the local-talk adapters, linking cables.

For an estimate concerning more stations, or a particular installation, you should call OXO Systems.

Likewise, for all the developpers interested by the usage of network functionnalities in their applications (it's very simple), a complete documentation is available by OXO Systems their technicalservice.

Reference Designation Specifications Price
ITOS-SP Itos Lan starter pack 2 stations. Shipped with connection boxes and cables. 1500 FF

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