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Last update : 29 May 1999 / 12.15 CET

Masquerading is already built in in STinG. So it is possible to connect several computers together and use an Atari as Router.

Kenneth Medin from Sueden uses a 16 MHz Mega STe as router to the internet and a PC using Window$95 and a Stacy as networkclients.

Here you will find a discription on how to set up a similar network. It's a bit involved but should be correct.

It Works OK apart from the SCC gets overloaded with too high speeds.
There is no major speed penalty having both the attached PC and
Stacy downloading webpages at the same time.

Just as a Mega STe, the TT has several serial ports it is well suited for this.
You should start with setting up Sting for LAN use.

1.      Decide ip addresses on your LAN:
        Mega STe :
        PC :
        Stacy :

2. Edit Sting's ROUTE.TAB to            Ser.2/LAN            Modem 1	                      Masquerade

This is from my Mega STe so the port name Ser2/LAN will not be present on the TT.
You should use the exact spelling from the "Sting Port Setup" CPX.
Note that the modem port is not set here as we are using masquerade.

3.      Open the CPX "Sting Port Setup"
        For the two serial port in ROUTE.TAB set "IP Adress" to, MTU to 576 (1500 is default both in Sting and Win-95 
        and will work fine locally but if your isp uses 576 you will get 
        best resluts with the lower value). Select Active for both ports 
        and preferably SLIP without compression (PPP will work too, but 

        The serial port that is connected to your modem should NOT be 
        active! No IP address but with MTU=576 and PPP.

        Select the "Masquerade" pseudo port IP address to 
        (default), MTU=576 and NOT active. Under "General" select the 
        serial port where your modem is connected and "Masking IP" to (default).

4.      Open the Sting Dialer and select "Configs" - "Miscellaneous". 
        Select the serial port where your modem is connected and select 
        "Use IP Masquerading"

5.      Configure the Sting Dialer to conform to your isp's needs. For a 
        modern isp you will have to enter: MTU=576, PAP ID, PAP password 
        and select ppp in "Port Parameters". User name (account name), full 
        name and domain name in "Addressing". Nameserver can be left blank. 
        Full path for the file DIAL.SCR in "Miscellaneous". This is all you 
        have to set if your isp supports PAP. If you have managed to get 
        your pc connected you'll know what actual settings are needed.

6.      Install either HSMODA7 or FASTSERIAL and set port speeds etc. I 
        have had some problems with HSMODA7 on the TT but Fastserial did 
        it's job too.

Win-95 side:

1.      First you have to install a pseudo modem driver (MDMCBX4.INF) as 
        you will be using "dial-up network".

2.      Install a new dial-up connection (your old one will still be 
        usable) and set it to uncompressed slip and fixed IP 
        address= (or I think you must enter a 
        valid DNS address for the pc to resolve anything when online. Use 
        your ISP's DNS server.

3.      Set the serial port speed on the pc to same as Atari. No 
        handshaking needed. Try first with a low speed (19200). I have 
        problems with the SCC in my MSTe (needs a ESCC) and get lots of 
        errors at higher speeds. (The Modem 2 port however works OK at 

4.      Open your prefered registry editor and make the necesserely changes 
        to get a MTU=576 :-)

There is a problem with the pc modem driver in that it needs some input 
(anything will do) before it will connect so to get your network up and 
running you'll need to:

1.      Double click your new connection icon on the pc.

2.      Open the Sting Dialer and select "Tools" - "Ping host". Enter the 
        pc IP address ( and "Okay".

This will open a terminal window on the pc. select the button 
"Continue" (or equal.) and your connection will be up.

Now you can run standard clients on your PC and Atari at the same 
time connected to the Internet or just ftp localy between the 
computers. The ftp server on Peter Rottengatter's (Sting) page works 
fine. I have been less successful with aftp as client though. This runs
OK with Geneva+Neodesk on my network: PC + Mega STe + Stacy.

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