[BE network picture] Setting up an Atari to Win95 PC serial link

To an idea of : William Wong / 25 Oct 2000



[BE users picture] Situation

  Many people like now and then to transfer large files from their atari to a PC. This page just gives you one possibility to do this.

!! Remark : Large files mean files that don't fit ono a disk.

[device picture] Environment

  This chapter describes the several environmental parameters that you need.

  • Atari
    • Zmodem Software
    • HSModem v.7
  • Intel based PC
    • OS : Win 95
    • Zmodem Software (Hyperterminal from Win95)
  • Null-Modem cable
  • Optional: A TV set ( to relieve some boredom while waiting for the file transfer)

[connecting picture] 8 Steps to follow

  Follow these 8 easy steps and all will work fine.

Step 1   Connect up the cable  between Atari & PC.
Step 2 Atari Install HSModem
Step 3 Atari Configure RS-232 port to max port speed.
Step 4 Atari Run Zmodem software on your Atari to receive file. (with-rz )
Step 5 Win95 Run Hyper Terminal & open the comms port.
Step 6 Win95 Configure RS-232 to max port speed.
Step 7 Win95 Select transfer files using Zmodem, select your files to transfer.
Step 8   Watch TV while waiting for file transfer to complete.

[connecting picture] Misc Settings

  • Configure RS-232 port to 110 on Atari for 115200 bps when using HSMODEM.
  • On Zmodem, you may need to :
    • disable carrier detect ( -D).
    • increase receive & file buffer size (-b 16384 -F 5M).
    • disable multitasking on Atari to maximise response.

[exclamation mark] Final Notes

  On a Falcon ( 16MHz, 14MB ) a transfer rate of over 10K bytes/seconds can be achieved.
This makes it possible to transfer one Megabyte of data in about 1.5 minutes.

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