[connecting picture] Universal NETwork v 1.02

Last update : 06 March 1997 / 22.50 CET

The Universal NETwork v1.02 includes 2 Node Software and this for a price of $149.00.

Universal NETwork allows 2 or more Atari computers to be set up as a netowrk. This is a Peer to Peer system, with each computer being able to use the hard drive and parallel port of the other thru the network. The model of equipment determines whether you use MIDI or LAN port connections. Hardware to convert to RJ11 Telephone connections is also determined by the model of equipment and is in addition to the software prices. And NO, this network system will NOT allow you to mix computer types but MUST have a TOS operating system at each end.

Send Applications and Design Software email with your system configuration.

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