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Last update : 17 Aug 1998 / 20.51 CET

Another possible way to connect your Atari to an ethernet network is described here. I don't actually know if it works, but it should.

Get an AppleTalk to Ethernet adaptor. They are about US$100 or less, and are usually easy to find. AppleTalk systems are able to carry TCP/IP, and the LAN port on the back of a Falcon is hardware compatible with AppleTalk. You would (of course) need to be running MiNTNet or Linux to support TCP/IP on the Falcon's LAN port.

The Falcon's LAN port is capable of 4 megabits/second, but AppleTalk has a huge overhead that typically limits that speed by half. Still, that's pretty decent speed for most applications (that's still fast enough to run streaming video over).

But since the interface would be transmitting IP and not using the AppleTalk protocol, you should be able to get pretty close to using all of the 4 megabits per second that is available. Most of the drag on the system and waste of the available speed is caused by the AppleTalk protocol.

(thx Tim Soos)

Last update : 27 Mar 1999 / 15.46 CET

Farallon now makes a LocalTalk/Serial to Ethernet BNC (10base2) adaptor for $100! It is the model "EtherMac iPrint Adapter SL". Normally this adaptor should work on a Falcon, MegaSTe, and TT because it has the right connecting hardware and is protocol-free (it does not care what kind of data is zipping through it). Of course, it will only go up to 230.4K, yet that is much faster than any other "comaptible" networking option we have now.

(thx Tim Soos)

Last update : 26 Aug 2000 / 12.00 CET
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Roger Thomas is trying to work on getting a Farallon Appletalk to Ethernet convertor working. If anyone has already started work on a similar project, he'd be more than willing to trade info.

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