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Last update : 18 Aug 1998 / 10.21 CET

It might be possible to port the Unix/Linux program ATALK to MiNT, and use AppleTalk on a Falcon/MSTe/TT with it.

Well, Atalk is part of the bigger NetAtalk, a kernel-level implementation of the AppleTalk Protocol Suite, originally for BSD-derived systems. PPP is not yet implemented, but is shouldn't be to hard to do. Depending on the computer you want to port it to, it is easy or difficult : easier for sysV machines (porting the STREAMS would be sufficient) more difficult for BSD derived machines (entire source needed).

Some Pointers :

Any volunteers to do this project?

If you are interested in this project or have information we can use, contact me, or simply fill in the form on next page.
Maybe you want to take a look to all the ppl that already filled out their name...
More information will follow as soon as possible...

(thx Tim Soos)

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