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Research for using them with the Atari!

Last update : 21 November 1999 / 11.52 CET

Index of the SCSI->Ethernet project

In November 1998 a few people wondered why nobody tried to use a Mac SCSI -> Ethernet adaptor to connect his Falcon to an ethernet network. After a few days, John Perez came with this idea :
I have found two authors that are willing to write the drivers if I can provide the programming documentation that they need, along with the SCSI->Ethernet adapters. I am in the process of gathering names of people who would like to make a donation; when collected, these donations will be used to purchase the adapters. I am still trying to find the docs and am awaiting responses from several of the companies that manufacture the adapters.
One author is willing to write the STinG drivers, while the other wants to write a MiNT driver.
Several Mac SCSI -> Ethernet adaptor manufacturors were contacted, but none would give the necessary technical documentation that is needed to program the drivers. Dispites this fact the project is still alive. At the moment a hughe list of interested people is available and there even is a solution that should be available at the end of 1999.

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