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Research for using them with the Atari!

Last update : 27 August 1998 / 10.58 CET

Information message as posted on the Newsgroup

For those of you that are interested in connecting your Atari Computers to an Ethernet network, cable modem via Ethernet, or Digital Subscriber Line via Ethernet, please read on.

A lot of people want to connect their Atari to an Ethernet network.
It seems that with no ethernet adapters currently in production for Atari compatible models, and with the relative scarcity of previously manufactured boards, it would make sense to find an existing adapter for use with Atari. The one port type that all Atari computers can connect to is SCSI (older models require a SCSI host adapter such as a Link). This is also one of the fastest ports on the Atari computers.

A few months ago, John Perez came up with the idea to write drivers for the already existing SCSI -> Ethernet adaptor from the Apple Macintosh platform. Since I couldn't contact John anymore, and didn't know how far he got with this project, I decided to continue it.

The last couple of months I did some research by contacting some companies and people who would be able to help us. All the info I gathered will appear on this page : http://www.xxx.be/~xxx/atari/network/project/SCSI_A.htm
The purpose of this page is merely to consolidate (for public review) my findings thus far on the various SCSI-to-Ethernet solutions that the Atari community may have access to; and, to convince the right people that supporting our platform is worthwhile.

Your support :
The Atari community definately has the resources to get a project like this off the ground. So I need your support!! One little e-mail is enough. I have also started a "Hardware Petition" that I will use to leverage support. I would like to pool donations, purchase an adapter, and ship it to the software developer that has agreed to look into the project.
Up to now, there are _only_ 10 people interested in a project like this, although I think many more people want to connect their Atari to an ethernet network. Already a few of these people want to make a donation.
The more people who support this project, the easier it will be to convince the companies to give us the necessary information. If we can get the help of a software or hardware company that still supports the Atari, it might be even easier to convince them.
Interestingly, there is a similar project on the Amiga platform. If we cooperate with them to get the information we need from the companies, we have more leverage.

Programmers wanted :
Once I have all the necessary technical specifications, we only need programmers to write the drivers. A driver for MiNT and one for STiNG would be necessary. Are there any programmers who would like to join this project? Simply drop me a mail.

If you can see yourself wanting to buy and use such a device, then please visit the page and fill out the petition! This will help our cause greatly.

Thanks and Keep the Faith,

Karl Samyn
aka Saka

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