[T-connector picture] D-Link DE 600 pocket adaptor

Last update : 30 January 1997 / 20.20 CET

Jonathan Seldin from the Concordia University in Canada uses a D-Link DE 600 pocket adaptor and the special ROM-port device to connect his TT to the university ethernet network.
Everything seemed to work fine the first couple of weeks. But then suddenly there were troubles. It seems there can be an incompatibility between the software (TUWTCP) and the network setup at some places, like over there. Telnet to local machines is no problem, but to others the system would freeze as soon as the connection is established.
Spooling PS files to the departments laser-printer went without any problems.
At this moment, the D-Link DE600 adaptor doesn't work anymore. Some chips in it will have to be replaced. Remember this : always shut down the computer before you connect something to the ROM-port. Otherwise you could damage the computer or the ROM-port device.
(thx Jonathan Seldin)

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