[T-connector picture] Milan and ISA NE2000 card

Last update : 23 November 1998 / 14.30 CET

Uros Vidovic from Slovenia has a Milan. He uses an ISA NE2000 compatible ethernet card. Drivers for this card are on the MiNT98 CD. The driver is MiNT only. To get access to internet he uses software for NiNTNet and gluestik. The soft he uses : aftp, newsie, cab, airc, ircii, ncftp, infitra, ...
For internet access he connected a cable modem to the ethernet card. Transfer rates are about 40 kb/s for download and 100 kb/s for upload.
Uros test cable modems. He connected LanCity, Terayon and NetGame modems. All works ok and also all other cable modems should work which are connected to ethernet port.
For configuring the network he use Admin Tools which are part of the MiNT98 distribution which makes this a commercial distribution (its very expensive 150DM). To use Admin Tools, a Web Server need to be instaled because these tools are html pages with cgi-scripts. He uses CAB for this.
(thx Uros Vidovic)

Frank Naumann has also an ethernet card in his Milan. Connected to an old 486 working under Linux.

The speeds he get out of his thin-ethernet network :
ftp ~320 kb/s
nfs ~290 kb/s
samba ~120 kb/s

The maximum speed is something around 350 kb/s deu to the limited ISA bus. A PCI driver for NE2000 PCI cards is in beta testing (~650 kb/s at the moment).
(thx Frank Naumann)

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