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Last update : 19 August 1998 / 16.41 CET

Simon bought an ethernet interface for his TT; it is an ACSI device and came from a German company called PAM Software. The box itself contains a 68008 processor and an ethernet controller. The box itself says 'PAM/s adapator' and not a lot else.

Simon contacted PAM Software to ask more info.
He got a reply from Pascal Merle (employee at PAM/s) in which he told him that there is probably support for the device is the Linux 2.1 kernel.

Indeed there is a file called atari_pamsnet.c in there, which loads as a module. From a quick look would appear that there are details on this device contained in the code!

Untill now Simon still didn't succeed in getting this adaptor working. In his last message from 19/08/1998, he wrote me this :
... there is indeed a PAMs net adapter driver in the Linux kernel. I compiled the driver into the kernel but I couldn't get it to work. Not even using ping would work. I ended up checking the routing and network card on my PC by borrowing another machine!

The PAMs net adapter driver works by polling and is not interrupt driven and is therefore very slow. I tried various kernels from 2.0.30 to 2.0.34 for my Atari but eventually I have put it to one side. My 'high speed' TT (well it was in 1990!) only manages around 8 bogo mips which makes it too slow to do much ...

Anybody out there who can help Simon?

[question mark picture] Questions :
Has anyone got or knows where he can get them from, the programming specifications for this beast?

(thx Simon Jones)

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